secure. verify. benefit.

Verify is designed to provide peace of mind. The Assurance-as-a-Service paradigm means that Verify is a platform for more than just IT testing or risk assessment: a profitable differentiator in the marketplace a standardized methodology for cost reduction trust-building foundation for risk management So you’ve signed up for a zero impact Verify risk assessment and let Informatica’s certified auditors perform a standardized review of your key risk areas.
  • Live reports presented by certified Risk Advisors
  • Full reports, materials and resources on encrypted storage
  • Baseline for future reviews and assessments
  • R4R: Your invaluable roadmap for remediation
  • Statement of Trust. The most valuable independent audit document you will ever possess.
Other companies may also offer security reviews and risk assessments.

But for us, this is our business.

can’t we just do it ourselves?

Absolutely. We support all client assessment programs and work closely with internal audit to provide the critical independent assessment and attestation required to verify compliance.

We also offer a Risk Maturity Assessment and three Verify self-assessments that are completely confidential and give you the quantitative results to make the right risk-based decisions.