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security experts issue challenge to canadian businesses

The Verify Challenge will award $25,000 in security solutions to the first 10 organizations that identify or report a significant data breach that could not have been prevented with the application of standardized security practices.

healthcare breaches show need for security and privacy audits

Since 2006, 1138 security lapses caused a combined 29,791,337 privacy data breaches. In Canada, the cumulative compromises of 6 million medical data records have alerted Privacy Commissioners and rocked public confidence.

small businesses get $1000 boost to comply with anti-spam law

Canada’s 1.1 million businesses will need to have proof of voluntary opt-in for every recipient on their email lists or risk facing eventual penalties up to $10 million. But according to security experts, that’s the easy part.

attack your websites before the bad guys do: experts

New data shows a surge in the intensity and sophistication of denial-of-service attacks is victimizing more companies than ever before. The impact of network flooding attacks on small and medium size companies can exceed $1 million/day.

“Zero impact” security audits defuse productivity concerns

External IT security & privacy compliance check-ups are considered basic practices in every industry sector. Unfortunately, at least 24% of companies have never conducted a risk assessment, potentially exposing customer data and increasing the risk of embarrassing breaches.