EdTech begins with privacy

How do you Verify™ classroom technology?

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Is it Safe?

As Canadian educational institutions face budget pressures and the need to better target educational services to students and families, more school boards face the challenge of selecting and adopting cloud-based platforms. However, cloud-based platforms are not safe for students' information.

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Is it Secure?

According to a recent report published by Ontario’s Auditor General (references below), many educational institutions lack the expertise and due diligence necessary to anticipate data breaches. Cloud-based services are simply not dependent and are easier for outside sources to access important and/or confidential information.

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Is it Trustworthy?

How do you know if the platform that your institution is trustworthy? The best practices for school boards include these steps to ensure privacy for students:

•Mitigating the risks of moving student personal records into the custody of private companies.

•Storing records and transmitting personal data about students across the Internet.

•Conducting proper risk assessments using certified security experts, rather than relying on vulnerable practices such as vendor self-assessments and unverifiable policies.

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Our Verify™ Edtech report is an independent professional audit by Canada’s best educational technology experts. The official attestation is an auditor-signed document you can share to demonstrate that your technology, application or LMS can be trusted to:

  • Protect student data
  • Comply with privacy legislation
  • Resist security breaches
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