verify™ is your single source for risk assurance
and compliance.

we provide independent security and privacy audits that build trust.
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grow your business with verify™ security audits

Verify™ offers security audits to help you uncover unexpected vulnerabilities, pass regulatory compliance standards, and build a strong reputation of trust.

Your Verify™ seal is the first step to experiencing sustained growth through risk assurance and compliance.

if you could target one aspect of risk this year

where would you look?

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how do we balance protection and growth?

  • Use a business solution firmly based on proven standards.
  • Trust our 25-year pedigree of excellence to power your security & privacy.
  • Verify™ is your platform for risk & reputation management.

what does verify™ mean?

Trust is not about what you say. It’s about what you can verify™.
An auditor-signed Statement of Trust is included with your report to:
  • Attest that your systems are securely managed.
  • Indicate to the public their data is safe with you.
  • Demonstrates that your employees can be trusted.

what happens when you get started?

  • A certified Risk Advisor is assigned to you.
  • Your Verify™ assessment & testing are professionally managed.
  • Your first successful project establishes a reliable baseline for future check-ups.

earn the trust

Complete any of 6 Verify™ risk assessments. Use your Verify™ report’s Remediation Roadmap to control outstanding risk. Proudly display your Verify™ seal and share the Statement of Trust.